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About us

Agape's purpose is to assist the Spanish-speaking community facing various challenges and social exclusion, located on the heart of Southwark. Our mission is to enhance the well-being and quality of life of individuals within this community, focusing on addressing issues and social exclusion. By providing essential assistance, education, and training, we promote inclusion and active participation. We collaborate with volunteers and other institutions to maximize the impact of our efforts, guided by values of solidarity, equality, dignity, and respect. Transparency and accountability are essential in managing donated resources, with the goal of being agents of positive change within the community and building a more prosperous and just society.



Agape's mission is to improve the quality of life and well-being of the most vulnerable and underprivileged members of the Spanish Speaking community. Our main objective is to address various social issues such as poverty, lack of access to education, inadequate healthcare, and other challenges affecting different groups of people.

We work tirelessly to provide assistance and support to those in greatest need through the implementation of programs and projects that promote inclusion, equal opportunities, and sustainable development. Additionally, we collaborate with other organizations and entities to maximize the impact of our efforts and ensure broader and more effective coverage.

Our focus is on creating positive and lasting change in people's lives, fostering empowerment and self-sufficiency. We value transparency, responsibility, and ethics in all our operations and communications, and we seek to use donated resources efficiently to achieve a greater reach in our efforts.

Together, as a caring community, we aspire to build a fairer and more compassionate world where every individual has the opportunity to realize their potential and live with dignity. We appreciate the support of our volunteers, donors, and collaborators, who make our mission a reality.


Agape's vision is to create a world where all people, regardless of their background, gender, age, or circumstances, can live a full and dignified life. We aim to build an inclusive and supportive society where equal opportunities prevail and fundamental human rights are respected.

We strive to be leaders in the fight against poverty, discrimination, and social exclusion. We aspire to be recognized for our positive and transformative impact on the lives of those in need, as well as for our efficiency and transparency in using donated resources.

Our vision entails a community that is committed, where empathy and collaboration enable us to address social challenges with innovative and sustainable solutions. We work to empower individuals and communities to overcome barriers and achieve a more promising future.

Through education, medical assistance, access to basic resources, and skill development, we seek to open doors and create an environment conducive to personal growth and well-being for all. Our goal is to sow seeds of hope and change lives for the better.

In sum, our vision is a world where compassion and solidarity are fundamental pillars of society, allowing each individual to reach their full potential and contribute to the collective well-being. We work tirelessly to make this vision a reality and continue to be agents of positive change in the world.

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Agape is based on values such as respect, solidarity, and transparency. Their commitment to dignity and ethics guides their actions to empower the community, promoting equal opportunities and recognizing the support received. Innovation and efficiency are key to addressing social challenges and creating a fairer and more compassionate world.

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